The imminent second album of Francois Peglau


Unhappy Clef alumni will certainly remember Francois Peglau, whose December 2010 debut The Imminent Failure Of was a stirring call to arms, even if some of the tracks were armed with ukulele or a drink coupon for comedy improv. Those in need of a reminder should stream the album at Bandcamp.

Today Peglau writes in with two preview tracks from his forthcoming album. First is the psych-surf AM radio travelogue Costa Rica, with a rastaman spy guitar lick and foamy production ethic. Second is the whisper-and-response Life is indefinable, set to a beachy strum-tap strum-tap rhythm, and thick with father-son wisdom (just not the kind you find on The Middle). Let the revolution begin anew…

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Stream: Dead End Angels, by How To Disappear Completely


Dead End Angels is a seamless, grayscale, amorphous work. At times glacial and symphonic, at others vaguely industrial, haunting, the album is a levelheaded triumph. Stream this and more of Poland-based How To Disappear Completely at Bandcamp.

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Video: “Ghost,” by ERAAS

Post-Apse era duo ERAAS have put their incantations to film in the promotional video for “Ghosts,” from their 2012 self-titled debut. Word has it that Jeff Owens plays the unlucky schmoe who gets filleted in the video’s closing frames. Owens founded felte, and bigwigs Ghostly International.

“Ark” — from Spirit — may be the most time I’ve ever spent listening to one song on repeat in a single stretch. I was locked out of the house, and the 40 didn’t hurt, but a record is a record.

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“Chikni Chameli,” from Agneepath (2012)

You really have to love year-end lists. From this Digital Spy list comes a terrific Bollywood clip. It’s “Chikni Chameli” (Katrina Kaif), from the 2012 remake of the 1990 film Agneepath. It is written by Ajay-Atul, sung by Shreya Ghoshal and choreographed by Ganesh Acharya.

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Video: “The Thunder May Have Ruined The Moment,” by Vieo Abiungo

William Ryan Fritch and Pete Munro — the creative team behind Vieo Abiungo’s Thunder May Have Ruined The Moment — have set the title track to video. It’s called Dryads. Shall we…?

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The Collected Clef

Some fjords and fiddly bits:

1. The Music Industry Has 99 Problems. And They Are…
2. Beijing spends a billion to get China rocking
3. Making Cents
4. Last Words….. (plenty of MP3 files, but none of them are songs)

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Merry Christmas: In a Lonely Place, by Tape Loop Orchestra

Stream a sample from “I Died When She Left Me” below, and order from Facture here (release date is tomorrow, Christmas Day 2012).

This one promises to be pale and unsteady, complex and indulgent. Tape Loop Orchestra is Andrew Hargreaves, who records with Craig Tattersall as The Boats.

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